Christ the King School

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At Christ the King School all students attend art class.

The elements and principles of art and design underlie all art appreciation and art production.  The curriculum integrates the elements and principles of art and design with a variety of themes from the academic areas of study.  The curriculum also incorporates a wide range of historical and contemporary artists: their works and art traditions from different cultures.  Each grade learns a variety of media techniques and uses them to create their own amazing artwork.  Each year these media techniques and conceptual contents are revisited and expanded.

The Vermont Vital Result Standards and the elements and principles of design are at the core of the curricula.  Our goal is to inspire an appreciation for and a celebration of the world, the life, and the blessings God has bestowed upon us, through art.



Students at Christ the King School begin their formal foreign language experience in kindergarten and continue their studies through 8th grade. Through repetition of words, songs, and poems, students imitate vocabulary and use it in context. This method has proven that learning a second language in this manner increases students’ retention of the target language. In the middle school, students use a French I textbook in preparation for French II in high school.


The school nurse provides a variety of programs and services to enrich the wellness of the total school community and of individual students. The school nurse completes the following responsibilities at different times of the year:

  • Review immunization requirements and file the required immunization report to the Vermont Department of Health in the fall annually.
  • Update emergency care plans for all students with chronic conditions or anaphylactic allergies and communicate the plans to faculty and staff.
  • Perform vision and hearing screening in the spring as required by the state of Vermont.
  • Teach age appropriate health education topics to all grade levels
  • Facilitate CPR and first aid training to faculty and staff at back to school in-service. 


Christ the King School has a full-time math specialist on staff.  The math specialist offers math instructional support to teachers in grades one through eight and teaches an 8th grade Algebra I class.  She also works one on one with students who need extra instruction in mathematics.


The CKS Music Curriculum is a sequential program, based on folk and traditional songs and rhymes, classical music, and music used for worship.

For students in the Early Education Program through second grade, the curriculum is based on early childhood research related to the development of: musical intelligence, singing skills, sensitivity to the beat and beat groups, expressive movement, musical memory, preferences, and neurological connections.

Students in Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5) continue to build on the skills learned in the earlier musical years, by adding skills-appropriate repertoire, becoming more independent within a group of fellow musicians, as a singer, and utilizing pitched instruments.

Students in Middle School (Grades 6-8) continue to build upon the skills of the elementary years, expanding their knowledge of musical repertoire, music and cultures around the world, and the music of America. Students in these grades will also lend their musical abilities to aiding younger grades at Mass, by singing, playing accompaniments and solos.


The physical education program at Christ the King School is devoted to the development of students in Catholic values, positive attitudes, and the commitment to and enjoyment of an active and healthy lifestyle. By providing a developmentally appropriate, challenging and fun program students can gain an appreciation and understanding of sportsmanship, games, sports and physical fitness. We believe that a meaningful physical education program forms the foundation of:

  • values of sportsmanship and cooperation
  • respect for self and others,
  • improved motor and social skills
  • importance of personal fitness and life-long participation in physical activities


The Reading Specialist provides reading support and general academic support to students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. She assists in one-on-one and small group settings, both in the classroom and in the reading lab. This teacher also serves as the school’s Title 1 tutor and liaison between the Burlington School District and the CKS community. This work includes collaborating with classroom teachers to address the needs of individual students. When needed, we refer students for evaluations and testing for speech therapy, occupational therapy, or special education through the public school system. The teacher may also conduct reading assessments, offer the Wilson Reading System, and help implement assistive technology such as audio books, the NEO laptop, and the FM system.


As you read this text, somewhere new software is being written, new applications created, and new devices born that may change our world. Can we teach students everything they need to know about these? No. We can however, give them the tools to analyze software structure, the skills to make connections across knowledge bases, and the habit of critical thinking.

This is the basis of technology education at Christ the King School. From preschool coming in to familiarize themselves with the computers to the middle school students choosing the best program to complete their assignment, every student is asked to analyze their tasks and match it with the technological tool best suited for the task. As with any new tool, safety needs to be considered. Therefore, extra attention is given to Internet safety and surfing practices. Students are supervised when using computers.

We do not only teach technology, we teach students how to use technology for their own life’s journey. It is just as James challenges us: (2:17) “So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.”