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The Adventures of Carl the Cardinal

The Adventures of Carl the CKS Cardinal

Carl the Cardinal went on his first big adventure!  Carl traveled to New York and Philadelphia to try see Pope Francis during his historic visit to the United States!  Did he get to see the Holy Father?  Find out below!

Mrs. Pohlen and Carl Go to See the Pope

Carl the CKS Cardinal is off to see the Pope! Here’s Carl enjoying some Rita’s water ice before heading to New York to see if he can find Pope Francis!

Photo Sep 25, 10 09 24 AM

Carl didn’t find the Pope at Carlo’s Bakery…

Photo Sep 25, 1 02 49 PM

Carl and his guides, Mrs. Pohlen and her friends Ms. Hurel, Mrs. Wilcots and Ms. Alexander. Is Pope Francis in Time Square??

Photo Sep 25, 1 02 58 PM

Carl thanks PFC Campos for his service.

Photo Sep 25, 1 24 57 PM

Have you heard this joke yet?…  Four women, a cardinal and the Pope walk into Madame Toussauds…

Photo Sep 25, 1 25 04 PM

Carl visited the 9/11 Memorial and stopped to pray for Mr. and Mrs. David Angell.

Photo Sep 25, 7 44 29 PM

Photo Sep 25, 7 44 22 PM

Carl and Mrs. Pohlen ride the subway to Times Square to find Pope Francis, but….

Photo Sep 25, 4 38 49 PM

No Francis here.

Photo Sep 25, 8 41 25 PM

Getting close but still no Pope…

Photo Sep 25, 8 56 03 PM

Carl going through security to see his first glimpse of the Holy Father and then trying to see over the crowd. Waiting for the pope’s motorcade.

Photo Sep 26, 5 23 56 PM

Photo Sep 26, 5 25 04 PM

Carl finally got to see the Holy Father! Viva il Papa!

Photo Sep 26, 7 40 22 PM

Check out the video Carl shot here!

Carl with members of the Philadelphia Fire and Police Departments. Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe during the Holy Father’s visit!

Photo Sep 26, 8 28 38 PM

Carl eating a Philly Cheesesteak as he waits for the Papal Mass.

Photo Sep 27, 12 13 56 PM

Carl saying the prayer for the World Meeting of Families.

Photo Sep 27, 12 42 20 PM

Carl caught the Pope on Jumbotron just before Mass!

Photo Sep 27, 3 58 58 PM

The Holy Father’s homily on the Jumbotron.

Photo Sep 27, 6 38 50 PM

Priests and deacons distribute the Eucharist to the over one million faithful who attended the Mass! Jesus is present in the Blessed Sacrament under each umbrella. Cool, huh?

Photo Sep 27, 6 38 45 PM

Mrs. Pohlen was blessed to be able to receive the Eucharist at a Papal Mass! You know what else is cool? She prayed for each of you, our families, students, alumni, parishioners, and supporters! God is good!

Photo Sep 27, 6 38 56 PM

Carl and Mrs. Pohlen are tuckered out from their adventure to see the Pope. They prayed for everyone at CKS and can’t wait to get home. God bless!

Photo Sep 27, 6 39 07 PM