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How can you support the Annual Campaign?


How You Can Support Christ the King School Annual Campaign

During the 2018-2019 school year Christ the King School enters its 78th year of providing a Catholic education to the young people of our parish and community. The 2018-2019 Annual Campaign is underway and I would like to answer some of the questions you may have about why this is so important to Christ the King School.

What is Annual Giving?

Annual giving is the key component of any development program in a non-public school, and in particular, in a Catholic school which depends upon the generosity of so many people. Annual giving is the best possible way for all who want to see the mission and vision of Christ the King School achieved. Your annual contribution helps raise the necessary funds for needs not covered in the school’s operating budget. Among them are additional library acquisitions, additional computer and technology equipment, funding to help meet departmental needs and the professional development of faculty and staff, offering services to students that otherwise might not be possible, and upgrading and/or maintaining our building.

Why is the Annual Campaign Necessary?

Christ the King School needs your support!
Tuition alone cannot cover all of the goals that Christ the King School hopes to achieve. For that reason a charitable, tax deductible Annual Campaign Gift gives the best opportunity for all those who love Christ the King School to stand up and be counted. Your gift is proclaiming to all that you support the vision and mission of Christ the King School and that you want CKS not only to be, but to be the school that realizes all of its potential.

Why Not Just Raise Tuition Rather Than Solicit Gifts?

Although raising tuition is sometimes necessary because teacher and staff salaries need to increase, and the daily operation of our buildings – heat, light and the like – rise each year, there is no way that tuition alone can cover what it actually costs. Most critical here is the fact that as tuition rises, you become a school for only those who can afford it. Our intent is to be a school that provides an affordable Catholic education for those who want it. So the Annual Fund Campaign broadens Christ the King School’s base of support, and as it broadens the base of support it strengthens and insures the future of our school. We are deeply grateful to those who have given so generously to the Annual Fund Campaigns in the past and already this year, but we really need to hear from many more of you.

Who is Being Asked to Participate in the 2018-19 Annual Campaign?

The entire Christ the King School and Parish family is being asked to support the Annual Campaign – Christ the King School’s school board, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, friends, the corporate and business community and anyone who believes that having a quality Catholic educational choice is a great asset to the entire area.

Is My Gift Tax Deductible?

Gifts to Christ the King School are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Your gifts can be made in the form of cash, check, credit card or stock transfer.

Why Me? You have many demands on your charity. Why Christ the King School? The answer is twofold:

1) What could be more important than an investment in education?

2) Christ the King School’s unique vision and mission as a Catholic elementary school with its commitment to those values which our communities and our country need make it a “pearl of great price”!

How May I Give?

Cash, Check or Credit –  Checks should be made payable to Christ the King School, or you can use your MasterCard or Visa.

Corporate Matching Gifts – Matching gifts are gifts that an employer will give annually to an educational institution or other non-profit organization as an employee benefit by matching the gift made by an employee on a 1-1, 2-1 or sometimes a 3-1 basis. Please check with your employer about their matching gift program and forward the form along with your gift to Christ the King School. The Advancement Office will do the rest. Your spouse may also qualify for a matching gift as well.

Gifts-In-Kind – This form of gift may be made through the donation of goods and services to the school for which the school is not billed. Under IRS regulations, the benefactor must provide the school with a value of the gift in-kind. The school will then provide a letter to the benefactor verifying receiving the gift in-kind. As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Christ the King School is exempt from federal income tax under the 1986 Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, contributions to the school from individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations qualify as tax deductible charitable gifts.

Memorial Gifts – A gift in memory of someone you loved or admired can be a particularly special way to contribute to Christ the King School’s  Annual Fund Campaign. Establishing a family endowment fund can be a very meaningful way of remembering parents or spouses. Such an endowment would assist future generations of Christ the King School students and make a Catholic education possible for deserving young people who otherwise would not be able to attend .

Pledges – Pledges to the Annual Fund Campaign can be made at any time during the fiscal year to be included in the report for the given year. All such pledges need to be completed no later than the end of the fiscal year (June 30).

Wills/Bequests – Remembering Christ the King School in your will and estate planning can be an effective way to ensure that the ideals you value will be continued at Christ the King School. Such a gift can also reduce the taxable portion of your estate. Contact the Advancement Office (802-862-6696, Ext. 107) if you would like more information on how you may assist Christ the King School in your estate planning.

Real Estate – You can offer real estate as an immediate gift or to fund a trust. You may even arrange for lifetime occupancy after making your gift, thereby gaining a tax deduction and eliminating local taxes while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Legal or financial advisers can best help you determine the gift most advantageous and appropriate for you.

The Christ the King School Class of 2019 will be the school’s 78th graduating class. These individuals will join the long list of those who have been educated at Christ the King School. The faith-filled example of those who came before us should inspire us as inheritors and transmitters to do all that we can to see such a mission and vision continued. Please give as generously as you can when you receive our Annual Fund Campaign letter.

On behalf of the members of the school board, the students, administration, faculty and staff at Christ the King School, I thank you, the entire Christ the King Parish and School community for your encouraging support.