Christ the King School

136 Locust St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 862-6696


Christ the King School is an amazing place for our school community to call home. Below is a list of attributes that make this school so special.

  1. First class faculty, families and community
    1. Whose passion for the school’s mission is palpable
    2. Where parents are enthusiastic advocates for the school and tireless volunteers
    3. Where we thrive due to passionate and dedicated teachers
    4. Where the generosity of our parish is amazing
    5. Whose community lives out the mission and uses resources to provide the best possible education to students who call CKS home
  1. Jesus Christ is the reason for Christ the King School.
    1. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in the classroom
    2. He is the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students
  1. Parish, administration, school board and school community
    1. Work tirelessly to make sure that the faculty has the resources needed
    2. Analyze and find ways to improve our educational product
    3. Evaluate ways to create and maintain an environment that successfully educates the whole child
  1. Outstanding traditional academic program
    1. A CKS education addresses the intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing of each child
    2. We work to create critical thinkers who are leaders in the classrooms and active, informed, and enthusiastic members of the Church and community

All these things work together to create an academic environment where students own their education. Each student has a solid academic base on which to build and many supplemental activities on campus to explore. These examples only scratch the surface of what life is like at Christ the King School!

Each day is a celebration of learning!